Welcome to the South Dakota State Library Trustee Wiki!

The South Dakota Public Library Trustee Wiki is intended to provide information for South Dakota Public Library Trustees to use in the performance of their duties. It presents a general overview of trustee duties and responsibilities, the complementary roles of trustees and library directors, some of the skills trustees develop and some of the issues trustees face. It builds on and updates the content of the South Dakota Public Library Trustees Manual published in 1994. It is designed for the following purposes:

  • to heighten the awareness of library trustees to the importance of the library board in the success and services of the local library;
  • to encourage trustees to become more expert in their responsibilities;
  • to suggest useful practices and to share successful and desirable methods of representing the community through the library board;
  • to provide an up-to-date and reasonably comprehensive source of general information for practicing and potential trustees;
  • to supply material as background for discussion and decision making by local boards.

Please note that this wiki should not be used as a source for legal advice. Trustees should always consult with attorneys in such matters.

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